Online Sessions

Interested in having your hypnotherapy session online?

Available via Skype and Zoom.

The Benefits

Relax in the comfort of your own home.

Accessible wherever your location in the world.

Flexible appointment times.

Helpful for those unable to leave the house.

Skype and Zoom are free to use/ install.

What next?

1. Get in touch for your free 10 minute consultation.

2. Parent/ Guardian Consent forms signed and returned to me (if under 18).

3. Session time and date agreed.

4. Payment accepted to confirm appointment.

5. Appointment link sent to you for your session.

On the day, make sure;

Your computer/ phone are fully charged.

If using Skype , make sure this has been installed successfully.

You are in a place with no distractions or noises.

Check that your camera, earphones and microphone are working.

You are comfortable.

And most importantly


You enjoy the session!

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