Teens: Being Proud of Your Progress

I’ve seen a lot on social media over the last month or so, with messages stating that you are wasting your time if you haven't made the most of it during lock down.

Although the intention behind this may be to motivate you, this can actually be more damaging.

You may have felt pressure to achieve a long list of goals that you're struggling to find the energy or focus for.

The fear of missing out or pressure of not taking opportunities to “better yourself”, can have you feeling anxious and left behind; comparing yourself to others that appear to be “living their best life”, or even trigger shame for how you’ve been spending your time.


However, achievement for you may look like;

⭐Getting out of bed in the morning.

⭐Helping around the house.

⭐Attending your online classes.

⭐Completing and submitting an assignment.

⭐Cleaning your room.

⭐Remembering to take your medication.

⭐Going for a walk a few times a week.

⭐Staying in touch with friends.

⭐Making sure you eat properly.

⭐Asking for and accepting the help you need.


The list of possibilities are endless and will look different to everyone. So if you have been, try not to judge yourself for not working as hard as you think you should be.

If all you’re able to do is get through the day ahead and look after your mental health, be proud of yourself, knowing that you are doing the best you can in an uncertain time.

Instead of focusing on "making the most of it", it may be easier for you to focus on the things you enjoy, that help you to remain calm and bring you peace

There are no right or wrong ways to handle what’s going on in the world right now, so be patient with the progress you're making .

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