Teens: Helpful Conversations During Covid-19

Updated: May 4, 2020

In uncertain times, it can be useful to consider the types of discussions we're having with each other.

It is important to make your well being a priority, this includes the messages you're allowing into your mind on a daily basis. Being bombarded with intense fear to anger every day for the last month or so, (from the news, social media, friends and family) can be exhausting .

If you need a mental break, it's OK to say "I'd like to talk about something else now." whether it's interests, books, goals, beauty, gaming, tv shows, or goals for the future.

This is not to ignore what's happening, but to help you include what may feel like a sense of "normality" back in to your everyday life.

It can be really helpful and uplifting when you have conversations to look forward to.

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