Teenagers (Age 13 - 19)

Student Looking at Building

The teenage years can be a very confusing time for your teen, with many new challenges to face within themselves, home and at school. These can include;


Changes in hormones and body development.

Trying to fit in, make new friends and form relationships.

Adjusting to the school environment.

Struggling with finding their identity.

Dealing with bullying.

Loss of previous interests.

Managing school work, becoming forgetful and a drop in grades.

Fear of going to school or leaving the house.

Emotional numbness, irritability or sudden outbursts.

Making comparisons to those in their peer group and on social media can often create feelings of low self-worth and not being “good enough”.These experiences can be overwhelming for young people, with reactions to stress manifesting in various ways (i.e. low mood, anxiety, headaches and stomach pains, etc) and risky behavior developing as a means to cope.The home environment can also have a large impact on the young person’s responses. This can involve learned patterns of behavior, self-talk and ways of thinking passed down over time through family members.Parents that mean well can often add to their teen’s stress, leaving their parent with frustrations and feeling hopeless in knowing how to help.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has proved to be extremely successful in treating young people for various emotional and physical symptoms.
Techniques tailored to the individual’s specific issue are used to offer new ideas, with positive suggestions being easily accepted.
These contribute towards greater focus, improved memory and a stronger sense of confidence.


The parent (or guardian) is very welcome to be present during each session. The teen is asked their preference in order for them to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. 

Suggestions may be offered to the parent in how best to support these positive changes at home.

Parents are more than welcome to book their own hypnotherapy session, in order to gain a better understanding of the process, in order to be able to discuss the experience with their teen. 

Having the parent participate often reduces any anxiety their teen may feel around their treatment.

Most issues can be resolved within a few sessions, but the young person must want to change in order for progress to be achieved.

Contact me for a free 15  minute consultation to discuss the issue your teen is struggling with and to see if this feels like the best approach for you.