The Mind

The Conscious is often likened to a computer. This is the thinking mind, responsible for analyzing information, then making choices and decisions based on the data received. This is then communicated to the subconscious mind.

The Subconscious is the part of the mind that records and stores all permanent memory (you may not be able to recall) and giving meaning to your experiences.  This influences your habits, emotional responses, beliefs and self-perception.

The subconscious will communicate through feelings, imagination and dreams and controls your body’s automatic processes (breathing, heartbeat, digestion, healing, etc).

It is the Subconscious job to keep you safe, but sometimes the wires in your mind can become crossed, where a certain behaviour or response the subconscious has created believing it’s protecting you, can actually be causing you more problems.This can mean, that even though our conscious mind is desperate to change, your subconscious mind can actually be stopping you from doing so.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis uses the imagination to create a doorway between the conscious and the unconscious mind.
The conscious mind is guided into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state (or trance), where focused attention is given to the cause of the issue.

Gentle suggestions are then made to encourage changes in perspectives, reactions and behaviour to achieve the desired result.

You are always in control and can only do the things you are comfortable to.

What To Expect?

Detailed information is gathered during the first session, from which we will agree on how to proceed.The total number of sessions required will be determined on the progress made (these can average between 2 – 6 sessions, depending on the issue).
The goal is to resolve your issue as quickly as possible, but this is always at a pace most comfortable to you.
A recording may be provided to be listened to between sessions to help reinforce the positive change you wish to make for yourself. In some cases, small tasks may also be given to accompany this.


Hypnotherapy Treatments Offered

ADHD - Anger Management - Anxiety - Alcohol  Dependency - Back To School - Blushing - Body Image – Confidence - Covid 19 - Depression - Divorce  - Eating Disorders - Exam & Revision Nerves  - Fears – Friendships - Grief & Loss - IBS - Insomnia  - Loneliness - Low Self-Esteem – Motivation – OCD - Pain Management  - Panic Attacks - Phobias  - Relationships – Separation - Social Skills - Smoking Cessation - Sport Performance - Stress – Stuttering –Substance Misuse - Trauma - Weight Control.

Please note: Some medical conditions will require a letter from your GP before sessions is undertaken.


Hypnotherapy Session (1 Hour): £70.00

Smoking Cessation (2 Hours): £140.00

Payments accepted via PayPal and Bank Transfer.
Session fee due at the time of booking in order to secure appointment.

Online sessions available via Skype and Zoom (earphones and a strong internet connection are required).
*Should you wish to schedule an appointment from overseas, please be mindful of the time differences between your location and the UK.



*Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person.